Mission Statement

The Cal State Games will bring the most talented young athletes in the state of California together at one venue to compete with one another not only to provide guidance during the recruitment process but also to provide leadership and life skills through our R.A.C.E. to Success Mentorship Program.

Recruitment Process:
The Cal State Youth and High School Games and Underclassmen Showcase Camp will bring exposure to these athletes and gain interest from four-year colleges and universities. This is a great opportunity for high school athletes to gain exposure during the recruitment process and to learn about the expectations, work ethic and commitment it takes to compete and be successful at the collegiate level.
Educational seminars will also be given for the benefit of parents as well as athletes about which core classes are required and what qualifying ACT and SAT scores are necessary to be academically eligible through the NCAA Clearing House.

R.A.C.E. to Success Mentorship Program:
Simply put, R. A. C. E. to Success is Cal State All-Star Game’s blueprint utilizing four important concepts that lead to success: Respect, Attitude, Commitment and Education. It has been proven that successful student athletes have these attributes and are mindful of their importance. Cal State Game understands the importance of focusing on the entire student and not just athletics. Understanding the magnitude of importance for mentorship and guidance, we created a mentoring program for youth development. Cal State All-Star Game has developed a very unique way in which we remain resourceful and informative to our athletes via e-mails, camp presentations and special volunteer speakers during game week.

Campers are introduced to all coaches with brief introductions and players receive position assignments during the camp. Youth are then placed in a group setting and engaged in group discussion regarding R.A.C.E. to Success. Youth are given the opportunity to ask questions, given graphic organizers which include information regarding college admissions, SAT and ACT, nutrition, career pathways, job search strategies, resume and cover letters, sports training workouts and more. We also give out our direct contact information for reference in the event a youth needs professional advising.

Mentoring Director and support staff maintains an open line of communication with all youth players as a method of reinforcement. Additional information is often given on subjects related to youth development, coaching and mentoring. The following is an example of some of the topics we forward to youth players:

• Nutrition Plans
• “Sugar Is the Devil”
• Strength Workout Plans
• Speed Workout Plans
• Plyometric Exercise Plans
• Basic Nutritional Guidelines
• The Importance of Adequate Water Intake

• SAT/ACT Testing Dates
• SAT Practice Test
• College Admissions Information
• Federal Financial Aid Information
• Choosing the Right School for You

• WEB Sites Related to Career Exploration (http://careerinfo.net)
• Instructions on How to Write a Resume and Cover Letter
• Statistics Related to Athletes on the Job
• Developing People Skills
• Chain of Command
• Interpersonal Communication Skills
• Effective Networking Strategies

Our Mentoring Program encompasses several resources and informative elements that allow the student athlete to think beyond sports by building relationships that could prove to be beneficial in the future. We encourage life-long learning and instill the qualities that will allow student athletes to be community leaders.

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