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Selection Tour

SELECTION TOUR The Qt staff will travel 14 regions through out the sate of California and conduct combines throughout the State. Qt staff will evaluate each combine participant and the top performers will be selected to [...]


2012 Selection tour headed to San Diego

The California All State Game selection tour gets underway April 29th 2012 with its first camp landing at Cathedral High School in San Diego California. “San Diego is a hot bed for talent ,” Cal state [...]


Cal State Game Selection Tour Cerritos

Five Invites Begin the Tour Cal State Game Selection Tour started its run back in April at Cerritos College. Five of the Golden State’s top prospects received invites to play in the game during the first [...]


The California All State Selection Tour

The California All State Selection Tour (Combine) General Information Page Getting Started 1. Enter the Combine Schedule navigation link on the top of the home page. 2. Locate the combine that is near your geographical area and [...]