The I.E Duck Pond

The I.E Duck Pond The I.E Duck Pond It is no secret that the Inland Empire Ducks youth football program is a supreme power house in the Southern California region. The program’s alumni include 2017 University Washington commits Tate Martell and Tyjon Lindsey. In the 2013 season two new stars known as Brendan “Bookie” Radley-Hiles and Re-Al Mitchell busted on scene with stellar seasons that ended in a prestigious 1st team All State selection and East Bay All American Selection. Some may ask what makes the IE Ducks so special; the answer is “coaching” said Cal State Game Director Derek Burrell. Burrell continued by saying, “The IE Ducks have phenomenal coaches, Coach Pat Dubar has done a great job on the lower levels of the program. In addition, Coach Keefe Pierson has dominated the Midget division of the PCC Conference.” These coaches dedicate their time and money to help develop at risk youth in the Inland Empire and the player’s loyalty and commitment to the program has contributed to the Ducks success. So, how much success has the IE Ducks had since their very short existence? Try 6 Pacific Coast Conference Championships, 1 AYF National Championship, a 5th place AYF National finish and a 6th place AYF National finish. The IE Ducks have also had approximately 20 players that have participated in the Cal State Youth Game over the past 4 years. These accolades have given the IE Ducks the right to officially call themselves one of California best youth football programs.