North Sacramento Hurricanes Youth Football

Cal State GameregistrationNominate California elite 100 High School Elite“Look good, feel good, play good” the famous quote from Prime Time Deon Sanders that has rubbed off on so many youth in America. When thinking of this quote the North Sacramento Hurricane Youth Football program comes to mind. Led by Coach Antoine Ross and John Foye the North Sacramento Hurricanes have not only become one of California’s top youth football programs but they are also one of California’s best dressed. While talking with Ross he stated “We have brought some swag to youth football. The kids love to dress up in nice uniforms. I feel that it makes our players play big.” In just two years of existence the North Sacramento Hurricanes have accomplished two 2nd place Northern AYF Conference finishes and their Midget Division team ranked third in the Nation in 2013. The North Sacramento Hurricanes program has also produced 2 East Bay All-Americans; D’marcus Ross and Christen Simmons. The coaches and Directors of the hurricane program continue to work with at risk youth in the Sacramento area and have goals of guiding kids to major NCAA colleges.