Underclassmen Showcase Camp Info

Underclassmen Full Contact Showcase Camp Dec 20th-23rd

The Underclassmen Showcase Camp is comprised of the top 200 underclassmen in the State of California. During the 2011 Selection Tour 250 athletes were chosen to paricipate in our 2 day 5 star camp in Ventura, CA, July 22nd and 23rd. Out of the 5 star camp, 200 underclassmen were choosen to participate in the Underclassmen Showcase camp on December 20th – 23rd in conjuction with the 5 Star and Rising Star Game Dec 19th-23nd. The camp will be comprise of juniors, sophomores, and freshmen allowing them to practice and compete against top underclassmen players.
Sports analysts, Scout.com, 247Sports, amongst others will be on hand to do an indepth analysis of all camp participants during the entire week of competition.